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Past Exhibitions (1999 - 2003)

Past Exhibitions (1999 - 2003)
        The Gallery opened with the exhibition entitled “Another Kind of Art”, which represented works by artists of the 1960s (M.Brusilovsky, I.Vulokh, B.Zhutovsky, A.Zverev, Ernst Neizvestnyi, L.Kropivnitski and others), who, along with many others, made the history of 20th-century Russian art.
        In April 1999, the Gallery organized an exhibition of more than forty graphic works, produced in the 1950s-60s by world-famous masters of Japanese fine art the husband and wife Maruki Tosiko and Maruki Iri. They gained worldwide recognition thanks to more than six hundred highly successful exhibitions in many countries around the globe. In 1953 their most significant works were awarded a Gold Medal of the World Peace Council.
        The Gallery celebrated the Millennium by launching an exclusive long-term project entitled Masters Of The Past Century. The project opened in February 2000, with Boris Zhutovsky’s one-man show 40 Years of the Craft. In June 2002, it continued with the exhibition entitled The Names. Its participants were A.Vlasenko, V.Volovich, I.Vulokh, V.Grishchenko, B.Zhutovsky, A.Zverev, A.Kazantsev, B.Karafelov, A.Kozlov, N.Konysheva, B.Leonidov, Y.Mirakov, S.Miroshnichenko, E.Neizvestnyi, D.Plavinski, M.Romadin, I.Snegur, V.Soldatkin, Y.Somov, Y.Sooster, K.Soshinskaya, all of them artists who had made their names in the second half of the 20th century, and who have been appreciated by art collectors and connoisseurs of today.



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