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ARTISTS / Glushkov Sergei

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Born in Sakhalin in 1969.
1996 - graduated from
Moscow State Pedagogical University
, Art and Drawing Department.
Since 1995 has been regularly displaying his works at public exhibitions.
2000 - joined
's Union of Artists.
2000 - participated in all0-Russia exhibition "To The Name of Yous" in the Central House of Artists,
Participated in ornamental painting the walls of Chris the Saviour Cathedral in
Moscow and was awarded a citation by the Russian Academy
of Arts.
Won the Best Decoration Project for the crypt of St. Nicolas basilica in
Bari. Italy; was also awarded the Memorial Medal and Diploma of the St.Nicolas the Wonderworker Foundation (Italy/Russia).

Sergei Glushkov studies and develops traditions which originated in the works of many great Russian masters of painting and as their follower he keeps to the realistic manner. That is thy his landscapes, portraits and still-lives resemble those painted by Alexei Venetsianov, Vasily Polenov, Silvestr Schedrin, Fyodor Alexeev and Alexei Savrasov.

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