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Engraver: Le Vasseur, Jean Charles (1734-1816) French

After: Verdier, Francois (1651-1730) French

Published: a Paris chez L'Auteur Graveur du Roi et de la M.Imp-le et R-le Rue des Macons

Jean-Charles Le Vasseur  French printmaker. He studied drawing and engraving in Abbeville with Philippe-Auguste Lefébure; he then moved to Paris, where he worked first in Jacques-Firmin Beauvarlet’s studio and then in that of Jean Daullé. On 29 July 1769 he was approved by the Académie Royale and was received on 26 February 1771, on presentation of Diana and Endymion after Jean-Baptiste van Loo. He was also a member of the Akademie of Vienna and the Accademia di S Luca in Venice.

Francois Verdier French painter and draughtsman. He was the son of Louis Verdier, a court clockmaker. He studied (1668-71) at the Académie Royale and in 1668 and 1671 won prizes for drawing. In 1678 he became a member of the Académie, which required him to paint Hercules Slaying Geryon (untraced) as his morceau de réception. In 1679 Verdier travelled to Rome, to continue his training until 1680 at the Académie de France.


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41.1 x 53.6 cm ()

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