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Title: Rene Pucelle, Conseiller au Parlement, Abbe de saint Leonard de Corbigny, Ne le 1-er Fevrier 1655

Engraver:  Drevet, Pierre-Imbert (1697-1739) French

After: Rigaud, Hyathinthe (1659-1743) French

Pierre-Imbert Drevet, called the Younger (1697-1739), a son and a pupil of the famous engraver, Pierre Drevet the Elder. Besides his masterly portraits, Pierre-Imbert produced many religious and historical plates, chiefly of Coypel. He became a member of the Académie de Peinture, when he was 27, and the king assigned him apartments in the Louvre. Among his pupils were François and Jacques Chéreau and Simon Vallée.


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48.8 x 35.0 cm ()

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