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Engraver: Hanfstaengl, Franz Seraph (1804-1877) German

After: Dyck, Anthony van (1599-1641) Flemish
Date of Original: 1641
Exibited: National Gallery, Washington, USA

Text on the margins: Musee Imperial del'Ermitage a St. Peterbourg 90
Technique: colour phototype (3 boards), watercolour, hand-coloured.

Franz Seraph Hanfstaengl was born in a small Bavarian town in 1804 and died in the Bavarian capital Munich in 1877. He was the eldest son of a farmer's family and soon become not only a famous artist but a succesfull entrepreneur. In 1834 he established his own publishing company, which still exists up to today. In 1835 he started publishing a series of 200 litographs showing paintings of a famous art gallery collection in Dresden. 


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62.5 x 47.5 cm ()

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